Compliance Management

Make sure your staff are on target to meet your Patrol and Rotation requirements at all times.

Time Tracking

Know where staff are at all time and monitor sign on, sign off, welfare and more.

Staff Monitoring

Get real-time and historical reporting on the whereabouts of your entire workforce.

GPS Tracking

Locate important assets at all times around the globe with advanced GPS tracking tools.

Workflow Management

Let UniGuard do the work for you with custom report scheduling and more.

Reporting & Analytics

Access real-time and historical reporting on employee movement, KPIs and workflow.

All in one solution

UniGuard reduces your administrative tasks considerably by eliminating manual paper based reporting procedures. It provides a unique insight into workforce performance and attendance and offers live alerts for critical events out in the field.

  • View operations via Live Dashboard.
  • Track staff location and critical events.
  • Gain the competitive edge to secure existing clients and gain new ones.

Why choose UniGuard?

UniGuard provides a central solution to collect, organise and present data from your facilities and field operations allowing you to store and retrieve information that helps your company and clients run more efficiently.

  • Efficiency
  • Peace of Mind
  • Competitive Edge
  • Accountability and Performance
  • Environmentally friendly
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Product Range

From basic solutions to high end GPS tracking and detection equipment. UniGuard have a solution that’s right for you.

Industry solutions

Our intelligent cloud platform helps you automate processes, deliver contextual interactions and improve profitability. Select your industry to learn more about our industry specific solutions.


A complete cleaning management solution powered by beacon technology. Reduce public liability claims and optimize your workforce using our intelligent cloud platform.


A complete security management solution powered by Gprs technology. Improve visibility of security operations, respond quickly to changing situations and capture incident records at the time and place of occurrence.


A Gprs logistics management solution. Quickly locate high-value assets, create inventory lists, monitor transit and present information on arrival.

The most trusted name in location management solutions for the last 20 years

Managing staff and location events around the globe

For almost 20 years UniGuard have specialize in developing business grade staff and facility management systems perfect for collecting, organizing and presenting data from your field operations. UniGuard products have been used and trusted by business and facility managers to keep track of staff and asset movements all over the world.

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